Houston TV Reporter Helps Rescue Flood-Stranded Truck Driver [VIDEO]

Hurricane Harvey crashed into the gulf coast of Texas, and hit Houston hard. It’s been flooding the area, causing power outages, rescue situations, and unfortunately some fatalities.

Thanks to a reporter who was covering the storms, one man was able to be rescued from his truck after he became stuck in the flood. The reporter and her photographer were stuck out of their home-base, the TV station, because the building was flooding. They were out covering as much as they could while they were still on air, and while shooting a segment when they discovered a man stranded in his truck. They got the message out that he needed help, alerting viewers and the Sheriff’s deputies.

Rescue crews arrived and was able to rescue the driver, but it was just minutes after the reporter announced to viewers about the stranded driver that the station went off-air due to the flood damaging their equipment. How’s that for “just in time?”

Here’s the video, the rescue happens around the 4:40 time.


Red Cross info for the Houston Flood.

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