Taylor Swift Is Delivering Packages Now? [VIDEO]

Pop super-star to package delivery – wait no, she’s just partnered with UPS.

As part of the promotion for her new album “Reputation,” Taylor Swift will now be seen on the side of UPS delivery trucks. Literally, there will be the album art on the side of UPS box trucks. You know, the ones that pull into your driveway to drop off your latest Amazon purchase.

UPS is the official “delivery partner,” which I guess means if you pre-order or regular-order her album, it’ll be shipped via UPS? That’s what they say, also they’ll be delivering batches to stores.

Here’s a commercial she starred in. It shows her writing lyrics, boxing them up, and shipping them in a UPS box, all while her new single “Look What You Made Me Do” plays.

Anyway, the point of this post is that we can be sure to see an absolute ton of publicity surrounding this album release, so brace yourself. No, we weren’t paid to put all this online, just reporting on what she’s working on.


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