The Subway Less-Than-Footlong Lawsuit Thrown Out

2017 is the year of the thrown-out case, apparently. First it was the Mueller vs. Taylor Swift case in which he claims she got him fired over false accusations, and now the lawsuit against Subway for their Footlong sandwiches that aren’t really 12-inches was thrown out. Specifically, the case of legal fee reimbursement.

You may remember a couple years ago when a teen posted a picture of a Subway Footlong sandwich next to a tape measure that was showing only 11 inches. Well, there were 9 people in total involved in the lawsuit, and all 9 of them wound up being awarded $500 each, and Subway promised to “institute safeguards to ensure all its rolls were at least 12 inches” moving forward.

Well, those 9 people decided they wanted to sue again, this time to recover about $525,000 worth of legal fees. That lawsuit didn’t go so well for them a second time, as the judge in the case threw it out, saying it was “utterly worthless,” and said that the only thing it would do is “enrich the lawyers who brought the case.”


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