Mom Lets Kids Swear Because She’s ‘Not A Hypocrite’

It was probably the same for most of us growing up, those were “adult words,” and were not to be said at any time for any reason, probably followed by one or both of our parents using them regularly. Swearing, cursing, cussing, whatever you call it, is reserved for adults. Movie maturity ratings are even based on the use of certain words, or the number of times they’re said.

But this mom says that she lets her kids use the words freely. She says she’d be a hypocrite otherwise, because she uses the words daily within her own home. There are some “ground rules” though. She says that her kids are to never say any swear words when guests are at the house visiting. Speaking of the house, they’re to be used at home only, never out anywhere. Saying the words just to say them is frowned upon, she says because “peppering their sentences with cuss words just because they can would go against everything I’ve instilled in them about the value of an extensive vocabulary.” Fair enough.

The most important rule, however, is that they don’t swear at people. She says that words carry weight, and they can cut deeply. This mom says that her kids would actually be in more trouble for calling someone an “idiot” than they would for saying “the s-word” or dropping an f-bomb. It’s sort of the same logic as teaching your kids to not physically hurt anyone, because words can hurt too.

It’s a modern take on swear words with children, but I think it’s becoming more common these days. What about your own house? Do you have rules for swearing, or is it a “never say adult words” situation for you?


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