Changing Your Baby’s Name After They’re Named – Taboo?

Names are usually forever. There’s a whole legal process you can go through to change a name. Last names change often and pretty regularly when couples get married, but first names are more unusual. This mom wants to change her baby’s name though, and she’s only 10 months old.

No doubt that people struggle when coming up with a name for their kids. Sure, some are named after a grandparent, parent, close friend, those are pretty easy. But some parents will go several days after their child is born before they come up with an official name to go on paperwork. Usually you pick it out and it sticks, but this mom wants to change her daughter’s name. She named her daughter “Autumn,” but apparently it’s confusing to other adults, and the child’s grandparents. She says she’s even being teased for picking that name, and she wants it changed. She asked an online group of moms if that would be weird, and most of the moms suggest she keep the name, while a few say change it now before the baby knows what her name is.

But that opens the discussion, have you changed your baby’s name, or do you know someone who has? What was the name, and why was it changed? How old was the child when it happened?

Should she just keep the name? It’s not like a shirt, right? You can’t just change your mind after the fact? What do you think?


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