Mom Panhandles $10K To Pay For Daughters College [VIDEO]

This proves that parents are really willing to do anything for their kids.

Lori Truex lives in Battle Creek, Michigan and has a daughter who is heading to college. Kendall Truex is a 4.0 student who has been accepted to Michigan State but lacks the finances to get her there. Lori who works as a school bus driver, spent 79 days on a street corner in Battle Creek with signs to help raise money to send her daughter to college.

She even carried around laminated proof that all of this wasn’t a scam, that she was doing this to raise money for her daughters education. Between the $4,872.30 panhandling and the $5,400 from a Go Fund Me she set up, she was able to raise¬†$10,272.30 that will help pay for Kendall’s first year.


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