Another Asteroid Passing Near The Earth Tomorrow

We say “another” because it happens pretty commonly, as far as a “per decade” number of asteroids. Look, there’s a lot of space junk out there flying around, but the thing is, there’s also a lot of space in space, and we’re actually quite safe.

That said, there’s another rock heading our way, and it’ll actually fly right past us tomorrow, September 1st. The asteroid is named “Florence,” after Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing. It’s going to be about 4.4 million miles away, which is about 18-times the distance from earth to the moon. It’s about 2.7 miles wide, which does make it “the largest to pass this close to our planet since the first near-Earth asteroid was discovered over a century ago,” says NASA. But there have been countless other asteroids (smaller) that have passed by even closer, so there’s nothing to worry about with this.

Here’s an animation of the asteroid’s path, and a scale-render of how close it will be.

Tomorrow’s pass of Florence is the closest this one has been to Earth since 1890, and it won’t pass by this closely again until after the year 2500. You can watch from your own backyard if you have a telescope, or check out a live-stream here.


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