Corinne And DeMario Reunite And It’s Uncomfortable [VIDEO]

The past few weeks on “Bachelor In Paradise” Chris Harrison has sat down with both Corinne and DeMario and cleared the air.

Corinne admitted to mixing alcohol and prescription drugs and attested to the fact that DeMario did nothing wrong. Last night, they were both leaving Nightingale in L.A. and their interaction was caught on camera by the many paparazzi standing around. Coincidence? I think not. The whole interaction seemed forced and fake in my opinion. At the same time, “over the top” is kinda how Corinna rolls. Even DeMario says “My PR is gonna hate this in the morning“.

After Corinne jumps on him, squeals a few times and kisses him on the cheek, she jumps off and abruptly walks away almost falling once she steps off the curb. The whole thing makes me uncomfortable but again, most of the time when I watch Corinne I’m uncomfortable. Check out the video HERE.


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