Ed Sheeran’s Game Of Thrones Appearance Explained

I know, I know, Ed Sheeran’s appearance on “Game of Thrones” was certainly random and a little strange, but it’s been explained.

HBO released a “behind-the-scenes” series about season 7 of GoT, and they talked about the first episode of season 7 during their first episode of the inside look show, which is the episode that Ed Sheeran appeared in. One of the first things they revealed was that his appearance wasn’t about Ed at all really, but because Maisie Williams (she plays Arya) is basically obsessed with Ed. Basically, they got him on the show because they thought it would be fun for Maisie.

Ed revealed that he was concerned that, since it was Arya, and since he was playing a Lannister soldier, that he and his group would “get killed at the end,” but continued that, in the scene, reveals that Arya was just able to “just kinda chill, let her guard down, have some food and crack some jokes,” because they, despite being Lannister soldiers, were just young boys.

Check out the behind-the-scenes show here.


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