He Put Magnets Where It Ain’t Magnetic, Needed A Doctor [XRay Pics]

This story hurts a little to write. An 11-year-old boy, curious by nature as many his age are, decided to take some magnetic balls, part of a toy, and place them up his, uh, “urethra tube.”

See one of the x-ray images here.

Not just a few magnets, but 26 of them. Naturally, they stuck together once they were in there. His parents got him medical help once he started urinating blood (I’d have gone a little sooner than that, I think), and that’s when the x-ray discovered the balls inside his, um, “tube.”

He had to have surgery to get them removed. Ironically, the boy’s name is, at least how he was identified, is “Pi Pi.”

He’s going to make a full recovery.

What weird things have you seen or heard about inside someone’s body that shouldn’t be there?


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