Recycle Your Baby’s Old Onesie Into Stuffed Animal [PIC]

I don’t have kids (yet) but I am one of those people who keeps things for sentimental reasons. I probably hang on to too many items because they have sentimental value to me. When I do have kids I’m sure I’ll want to save all their onesies. I can see it now…

“I can’t get rid of that one it’s the first one they ever wore”


“My best friend gave him/her that one”.

If you have the same tendencies, there’s a Etsy shop that can help you with that. They are called “Imagination Acres” and they turn your old onesies into stuffed animals that you can keep forever. Not that you couldn’t keep a onesie forever but this seems more normal to have lying around. According to Popsugar, they do bears, bunnies and elephants!

You can see a pics of previous orders HERE.

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