Zendaya Stops By The Studio On Her Birthday [VIDEO/AUDIO]

Happy Birthday to the multi-talented Zendaya, and thanks for having a chat with us this morning!

Mark asked about her beginnings, and surprised her with some little-known facts, like how she got her start in a Kids’ Bop music video before her Disney career even got started. She revealed that she didn’t actually sing on the song though, it was more of just a dance with some other kids for the video, but still pretty cool. Also, during her audition for that video, she did a front-flip for the first time ever, no practice, and actually landed it. Impressive.

Of course she went on from there to have a successful Disney career, and then graduated to a successful singer, and actress, with 30 credits to her name, and several new projects happening all at the same time, including a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. She’s busy!

If you’re curious, here’s Zendaya in the Kids’ Bop version of Katy Perry’s “Hot and Cold:”

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