‘Property Brothers” Star Reveals His Secret Nude Movie Scene

When you’re a struggling actor trying to pay the bills, you might be willing to do anything to get a paycheck.

For Property Brothers star Drew Scott, it appears that was the case when he filmed a butt-naked nude scene during his early years in the entertainment industry!

Radar Online reported that the Scott described the experience in his new book, where he said:

“My only hesitation was that the character I was offered had a nude scene. I spoke with the director to ensure the film was going to be shot in a way that didn’t seem amateurish or B-rated. Satisfied with the director’s artistic vision, I agreed to take the part……..The cinematography was on a par with proud parents shooting their kid’s recital with a video camera that requires them to hiss, ‘Is it on?’ back and forth for an hour. My bare a** made it’s screen debut right in the middle of this terrible film.”

However, he refused to reveal the name of the film, so good luck trying to find it if you want to see it yourself.

For more info, head right here.

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