The ‘3am Challenge’ Is Popular With Kids, But Can Be Dangerous

The “3am Challenge” is one of the latest social media and YouTube crazes, and it can be harmless, but can also be very dangerous, depending on how dedicated your kids are to completing it.

The challenge is basically a call-to-action, usually from someone on YouTube. Calling it a “challenge” is a little bit of a stretch though. Anyway, it basically requires the person trying to finish the “challenge” to wake up around 3am, “the witching hour,” and catch something scary on video, and post it to YouTube. The something scary can be a paranormal experience, a stunt, possibly even a crime – any sort of danger, but usually seems to be something paranormal.

The problem is, while it could be used as a fun thing to do if planned for with a couple friends, there are some kids as young as kindergarteners sneaking outside of the house at 3am, totally unknown to the parents, trying to catch something scary. It’s also scary that a kindergartener has a phone to record video, but hey, it’s 2017.

Really, you should just talk to your kids about it, see if they’ve even heard of it (probably so), and just let them know the consequences of sneaking out at 3am without letting you know about it.


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