Is Sacramento Paying Gang Members Over $1 Million?

You have probably seen the story circulating around social media, so is it true? Is Sacramento paying gang members over $1 Million to NOT kill people? broke down what’s TRUE about the story and what’s NOT:

So here’s the rumor that’s being spread on social media:

“The city of Sacramento is paying gang members $1.5 million to stop killing.”

And here’s what says is true about the rumor:

“The city of Sacramento has contracted with a charitable organization in a pilot program aimed at ending gun violence; the city will provide $1.5 million in matching funds over three years to implement the program.”

So what’s false about the rumor? Again, Snopes. com broke it down:

“The city is not paying $1.5 million out of its general fund to give stipends to gang members; the stipends are funded by private donations and it’s not guaranteed that $1.5 million in stipends will be distributed.”

Read more about this rumor HERE



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