Sir Richard Branson’s Home Destroyed By Hurricane Irma

Sir Richard Branson, British business genius, founder of Virgin Group, owns a massive home on an island in the Virgin Islands. He took a direct hit from Hurricane Irma, leaving his home basically destroyed. This is the second time his home on that island has been destroyed in just 6 years, as in 2011 his home was struck by lightning and completely burned.

Here’s a picture of Branson in his basement before the storm.

His son posted a message to Instagram saying that everyone who was at the house was able to shelter in place in the home’s basement, and nobody was hurt, and everyone survived the storm, but the house was totally destroyed.

What other celebrities have houses on the islands? Bruce Willis, Johnny Depp, Oprah, Keith Richards, President Trump, and a bunch of others. Check out a picture here.

Richard’s son Sam continued with his message, explaining the destruction that happened on the property, as well as some of the surrounding islands. The island is also home to many exotic animals, and it’s been reported that the animals are also safe.

The hurricane, now the most powerful ever recorded in the Atlantic, is heading up the island chain, and will arrive to Florida’s east coast sometime this weekend, with the possibility of becoming even stronger along the way.


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