Twelve Year Old Ventriloquist Leaves Simon Cowell Blushing [VIDEO]

Darci is just 12 years old, and she’s a better ventriloquist than a lot of veteran ventriloquists we’ve seen. She’s got great range when she sings through the dummy, in this case “Edna, an “80-year-old,” and can only get even better with time. She’s going to have a seriously awesome career.

Anyway, “Edna” has a serious crush on Simon, as to all the “ladies in their 80s” back in the “home.” “Edna” asks Darci how she can tell Simon how she feels about him, and Darci suggested singing a song. That’s when “Edna” breaks into Aretha Franklin’s “A Natural Woman.” That’s the performance that seriously makes Simon blush, becom speechless until finally calling it a brilliant performance.

And when you get a “brilliant” out of Simon, you know you’re in good shape. Check out the video below:

If she can sing like that without even moving her mouth, how does she really sing? Some serious talent.


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