Scientists May Be Able To Prevent Premature Births

They say they’ve not only identified 6 “gene regions” that may contribute to a premature birth, but they say they can actually tell now who will be born premature. That will be useful in developing a method to prevent a preterm birth.

A preterm birth, medically, is defined as a birth before the pregnancy reaches 37 weeks. It affects about 10% of the births in America yearly, and it’s the leading factor to child deaths before age 5.

The researchers found a couple things. One is that the uterus lining is a factor, and that there’s a certain mineral, selenium (found in meats, nuts, and veggies) can actually affect the length of a pregnancy as well.

It’s a huge breakthrough that can lead to a method of “forcing” a pregnancy to last the full term, and essentially eliminate premature births.


Technical source.

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