My, How School Lunches Have Changed

Remember when we were kids, peanut butter and jelly was top-dog in the cafeteria? Kids never made their own lunch? Everything we’ve known our entire lives is changing, and it’s showing some promise for the next generation, really.

First things first, the opinion is largely similar in that mom makes the best lunch, according to 59% of the kids out there. No surprise. But 13% of those kids say that they could do it themselves, better. Only 12% say that dad makes the best lunch, which is sad for dads, but at the same time kind of exciting for dads, since they’re getting at least a little attention.

A ham or turkey sandwich is now the #1 favorite of children with a surprising 51% of them saying so. Pizza, a cafeteria staple, is in the second spot with 37% favor. Peanut butter and jelly dropped to third favorite. Third!

The serious kicker here is that, albeit a small percentage, there are kids out there who actually want a healthier lunch. 14% of them, in fact. That’s just weird. Remember when our cookies and candies were the most desired item in the cafeteria for trades? Now they’re practically selling broccoli at recess.

Here’s a lot more information on the current state of school lunches. It’s pretty interesting how specific some kids got with their ideas for improving lunch, and they’re actually pretty good ideas.

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