Sleeping With Your Dog In The Room Can Be Good For You

But not if your pup shares the bed with you. This might be devastating news for some of you to hear, but the major takeaway is that if you’re fine with your pooch in bed with you, then I probably wouldn’t worry about it.

Some tests were done on adults with dogs, and long story short, when people had their dogs sleep in their bedroom at night, the people seemed to have higher quality sleep. When the dogs slept on the bed with the people, the people had a lower quality of sleep.

Information on the research here.

The reason for better quality sleep likely has to do with the well-known fact that dog is man(kind)’s best friend, and people just tend to feel comfortable, relaxed, and secure with their dog around. The problem with having the dog on the bed, and this is regardless of size, is that you both tend to disturb each other. You may roll over and wake your dog, or your dog may do something, trap your leg, adjust and hit you with his/her paw, something, and it may disturb your sleep. When you wake up, it takes a little bit to get back to sleep, and your sleep cycle starts over, or is at least thrown off.

So basically, it’s totally good for you to have your dog in the bedroom at night with you, but having your pooch on the bed is probably a bad idea.

Have you experienced different results from the group?

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