‘Bear’ Is A Perfectly Appropriate Name For A Baby, Says Liam Payne [VIDEO]

And when Liam tells the story about why he and his wife, Cheryl, named their son “Bear,” you’ll be worried at first, but then laugh right along and nod in agreeance.

Liam Payne was on with James Corden, and they were having a good time doing a “Boy-Bands vs. Solo Artist” sort of comedy music routine (see that here) before sitting down for a chat. Of course James had to ask about how Bear, Liam’s son, got his name.

Liam tells the story by starting out with a little bit of a scary moment. When Bear was born, he wasn’t crying. Crying is necessary to clear the lungs and breathe. The hospital staff, and Liam and Cheryl of course, started to get worried. They were keeping an eye on Bear, and noticed that he kept making a sort of growling sound, like a “grrr,” Liam says. After a handful of specialists checked out the new baby, the final doctor says, “Dude I’m not being funny, there’s nothing wrong with him – he just likes to make a lot of noise,” according to Liam. That’s how Bear became named Bear. Check out the video proof below:

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