Fashion Week Got Weird With Breasts And ‘Lady Bits’ On Outfits [PIC]

Look, fashion can get a little strange. Bright colors, weird and exposing cuts, the 80s; but sometimes it just goes a little too far, like this one fashion house.

The design company called Namilia, they’re from Germany, and they sent some seriously creative outfits with their models to walk down the runway for Fashion Week in NY. The line of outfits is called “Indiscreet Jewels.” The inspiration behind “Indiscreet Jewels” is an 18th century-era story that’s about a magic ring. The power of the ring makes a woman’s “nether regions spill her amorous secrets.”

I’d like to post more photos of the line here, but they’re rather…. They don’t contain actual nudity, but they’re probably still not quite work safe (including the one-piece (or six?) thong/skirt/suspender thing. Here’s a sample, anyway.

I didn’t realize #NYFW could get so #NSFW, but if you want to see some more examples, check them out here.

Another odd part of the story – apparently the models walked the runway to music from various Disney movies.

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