Nordstrom Is Opening A New Store With No Inventory

Something tells me it won’t be a usual warehouse-style store with rows of empty shelves, but it sounds like it will be an actual store, with a door and extra space, just no products. Actually about 3,000 square feet in size.

The new store won’t stock an inventory. The point of the store is to go in, and speak with a personal stylist. The stylist will walk you through different clothing options, and help you pick out some outfits. From there, you can order everything right there in the “store,” and in a couple days you get a package in the mail. They do have clothes in the store, not for sale, but just to be used as a reference for what sort of sizes and styles you may like, so they get a better idea of what to order.

The store will offer a couple extra services though, like a manicure area, and even a tailoring service. Because when you don’t actually try things on before you buy them, they probably won’t fit. Ahem.

The store is opening in Los Angeles. Would you, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a Nordstrom, consider shopping at a store with this sort of concept, or do you prefer to see and try things on before buying that exact item?


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