Old Dating ‘Do’s’ That Are Now ‘Don’ts’

By the way, “do’s and don’ts” is a weird punctuational mess.

We’ve all heard the “timeless” dating advice, things that are “tried and true.” We’ve heard the advice from parents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, movies, songs, basically everywhere. But if you really sit down and think about it, the advice is just…. wrong.

First things first, one of the most commonly heard tips for dating: “Play hard to get.” They call this one “pure gold from back when our parents were dating.” It used to be all good, but these days, dating experts are saying that guys need some sort of “sign” from a woman. A signal that will be some kind of a clear “yes I’m also interested in you” kind of message. That’ll help guys to make their move. Because we don’t want to be just another jerk asking for your number, we need to know that you’re actually interested in giving it to us.

Number 2: “Wait three days before calling him back.” Look, we live in a connected world. We text each other from the bathroom when we’re in a relationship. There’s absolutely no reason to wait three days, or even 24 hours, before calling or texting someone back. If you’re interested, and they call or text you, reply back as soon as you can. Don’t play games, because there’s already too much of that in the world. They say that the future relationship will appreciate it.

Number 3: “Online dating is a last resort.” Online dating has gotten a bad reputation for housing “players” and other people who basically want hookups, but it’s really become a great resource. Experts say it’s really about hte attitude you go into online dating apps with. If you expect to see a bunch of garbage, that’s probably all you’ll see. They say to give yourself a set amount of time each day to check. Do that, don’t “waste” too much time on it, and see what happens. Lots of happy, healthy, loyal couples come out of online dating apps.

What do you think about this “new generation” advice? Are some of the old rules still relevant? What’s the most outdated dating advice someone has ever told you?


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