Bill Skarsgard, Clown From ‘It,’ Has A Naturally Creepy Smile [VIDEO]

It’s a match made in a sewer, a naturally creepy smile paired with the perfectly creepy clown from Stephen King’s story “It.” Bill Skarsgard, he’s the actor who played Pennywise in the new movie, has a naturally creepy smile.

He was on with Conan talking about the film, and they got on the topic of the very unique, sort of “pointy” smile that Bill is capable of showing. He says his older brother could do it too, so he was pleasantly surprised to learn that he could also do it. He told a story of being 10-years-old, doing the creepy face with his t-shirt pulled up over his head chasing his younger brother around the house. Kind of funny.

Check out a clip from the interview just below:

Yeah, that’s oddly creepy, but you know you’ll try to do it in the mirror later today. Don’t lie.

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