Food Recall App Lets You Know As Soon As Recall Issued

We all watch what we eat, we don’t want to stuff a bunch of unhealthy things into our bodies, but what about when the healthy items are recalled for some unhealthy reason? What if any food we eat gets recalled? How will we know before hearing it on the news the day after the recall was issued, after we’ve already eaten that thing a few times?

There’s a new app that promises to give you an alert as soon as a recall is issued. Whether it’s an undeclared allergen that found its way into something, a manufacturing issue, or anything else, we’d like to know what the deal is before we have a reaction or health issue because of it.

The app comes from the USDA themselves, and it’s called “FoodKeeper.” Basically, you can set the app to alert you as soon as the USDA issues a recall on a product. A handy feature. But that’s not all the app does. It will also give you tips on how long food can be stored, frozen, etc, and it will also give you suggested cooking recommendations for food safety. That’s sure to help a lot of us dads everywhere.

Check out some more info on the app here, and a little about how it works.

Check here for a list of all the current recalls.

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