Jessica Biel, Partners, Accused Of Stealing Tips From Waitstaff

So, Jessica Biel co-owns a restaurant with some other people in Hollywood. The restaurant is called “Au Fudge,” a kid-friendly spot. Anyway, the restaurant caters to big-dollar parties. We’re talking huge dollar deals.

Long story short, when the restaurant schedules a party like that, they tack on a 22% gratuity. Nine former employees are suing, claiming that the gratuity money never got to them – basically saying the restaurant pocketed that extra cash rather than split it up between the staff who worked the event. They’re also claiming that they lost out on state-required breaks, for a total of about $31,549, just in break-pay.

The total from gratuities they say they’re owed? About $430,100. Totalling that up, then splitting it nine-ways equals right around $51294.33 each. That sounds high, but when you’re dealing with big-dollar catering events, and depending on how long they worked there, I guess that’s about right.

Oh, and there’s another lawsuit for “punitive damages” that’s running at about $1M. That brings the grand total to $162405.44. Not a bad payday.

No word from Jessica Biel herself, but the restaurant says the issue was caused by a former manager, and they seem to be investigating the incident internally as well.


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