What Else $1,000 Gets You Besides The New IPhone

The iPhone X. Apple announced it on Tuesday, right along side the $1,000 price tag. That’s a lot, and if we may share our opinion, that’s an exorbitant price for a phone. So that got us thinking – what else can you spend that money on besides the new iPhone, since the iPhone you already have is probably less than a year old in most cases anyway.

#1) If you’re in to Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks, $1,000 will get you about 235 of them.

#2) Avocado toast fan? $1,000 will get you about 83 slices. By the way, we had no idea avocado toast averaged such a high price. Wow.

#3) Depending on its current condition after the hurricane, you can take a cruise into the Caribbean. Tickets can be had for about $1,000 each.

#4) Go to Disney. For nine days. Nine days.

#5) Invest it. Drop it in your company’s 401k. Or save it so you have a little extra emergency money. That’s always a good idea.

Anyway, no matter how you spend your money (it is yours after all), check out the full list here. Any ideas to add to the list?

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