Woman Arrested After Trying To Flush Newborn Down A McDonald’s Toilet

A California woman is facing charges of attempted murder and inflicting great bodily harm to a child after a bizarrely horrible incident in a McDonald’s bathroom.

According to Kron 4, 25-year-old McDonald’s employee Sarah Lockner was working on September 4th when she went to the bathroom while complaining of stomach pains.

After some time, an employee went to check on her, only to find blood on the floor. While Lockner tried to play it off as a “heavy period,” another coworker came to assist and after peering over the stall, the second coworker saw Lockner pushing a baby into the toilet before flushing.

Lockner tried to stop the second coworker from contacting the police, but they were called and she was arrested.

The baby was rushed to a hospital and is expected to survive.

For more information, head right here.

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