Bald Men Seen As More Dominant, Taller, Confident, Still Less Attractive

Here’s how the test went down. Men and women were shown pictures of various men; some bald, some full-haired. Some of the pictures were the same guy with the hair simply photoshopped to show both traits. They were then asked questions about the men, rating their attractiveness, confidence, perceived height, dominance, etc.

The men with bald heads were given much higher ratings in confidence and dominant appearance, and they were also assumed to be about an inch taller on average than men with thicker hair.

Men with thicker hair were seen as more attractive.

The only thing that changed in the pictures of the men were the hairstyles, or rather the lack thereof. Clothing, pose, etc all remained the same, and researchers say that fact eliminates the possibility for any other traits to come into play to skew the opinion of the person rating the picture.

So for bald men, you’re seen as more dominant, taller, powerful, and confident. Guys with hair – you’re just seen as more attractive.

As for men who are balding, researchers say your best bet is to just shave your head the rest of the way rather than spend money on trying to cover up the problem.


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