Smart Mirrors In Dressing Rooms Actually Increasing Store Sales

A little creep factor in this story, but if you’re ok with it, then by all means go for it, it’s really personal opinion anyway.

Stores are starting to introduce “smart mirrors” in their changing rooms for trying on clothes. The mirrors will make product suggestions, giving you different styles or color options that may also look good on you. The mirrors have different sensors, programs, and cameras, and together they predict your age, as well as style preference.

Clothes in the store are equipped with tags that the sensors read. The mirror knows what the product is, and what related products are similar. You can also scan your store reward card, and it’ll know all your previous style purchases. You can request different colors or sizes, and store staff will be alerted, and bring you the item. The mirror will also take a picture of you wearing what you’re trying on, and allow you to add different lighting effects, for example to know what you would look like on a sunny day, rainy day, dim indoor light, etc. It’s basically Instagram filters in a dressing room.

Speaking of Instagram, the mirror will also let you take a picture and upload it straight to social media. That way you can get even more feedback from your friends about an item you’re wearing.

Programmers are working on some added features for the mirrors, including facial and emotional recognition, that way if you don’t like an item, maybe it will automatically suggest something else based on other preferences without you even having to tell it that you don’t like the outfit. It’s pretty cool tech, actually.

The concerning thing is that it’s got cameras, and that’s concerning for some people who, you know, change in front of them. It’s not really clear if the mirrors are in the actual room where the changing occurs, or if there are a couple of them placed outside of the dressing rooms, so you walk out to stand in front of them after changing. Would you be interested in using a smart mirror, assuming it doesn’t actually get to see you change?



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