Does Your Teenager Suffer From Monday Morning Jet Lag?

It’s a real thing, whether they actually travelled anywhere or not.

It all makes sense when you think about it. What do teens do on Friday when they get home? Probably start watching Netflix, playing video games, or just all around staying up late doing teen things. Then they sleep in Saturday morning, stay up even later Saturday night, sleep in more on Sunday, and now their whole sleeping pattern is thrown off just in time for Monday morning. That’s exactly the same thing that happens on a long flight/changing time zones. The sleep pattern/schedule shifts by several hours over a couple days, then suddenly tries to realign to the normal schedule overnight.

Parenting is tough, but listening to someone tell you how to parent is even more difficult and frustrating, but experts say that you should put a sort of curfew in place on tech items on weekends, say a 10pm cutoff, which would force them to go to sleep from the sheer boredom.

Serena Bauducco worked on this research, and she was also part of a research project that found a higher dropout rate among teens who don’t sleep well, or who routinely stay up late at night (difficulty sleeping). She says that teens will stress or worry about school if they aren’t getting the right amount of sleep. Same study, by the way, found that teens typically stay up late even when they’re in bed playing on their phones or browsing social media.


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