Fear Of Flying Plagues Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, one of the highest paid actresses, who routinely has to fly to various locations for filming movies, just revealed her extreme fear of flying. Although she says that it’s not necessarily the airplane she’s afraid of, it’s herself.

Jennifer says that she’s afraid of losing control of herself on the plane. It’s more of a claustrophobia thing, she says. She says she even tried to jump out of a plane once because of the claustrophobia. “I can’t believe I didn’t get arrested,” she says.

As for shouting things out on a plane that she probably shouldn’t have? Yeah, she’s done that too. “You know when they hit an air pocket and it feels like you’re falling? I did it on a night flight one time, ‘We’re going down! It’s coming down!”

Speaking of celebrity fears, what other celebrities have strange fears? Glad you asked!
-Kendall Jenner has “trypophobia.” The fear of unusual or random patterns of small holes in things.
-David Beckham has a fear of flocks of birds. He’s worried they may attack him.
-Jennifer Love Hewitt is afraid of elevators.
-Johnny Depp is afraid of clowns. That’s called “coulrophobia,” by the way. Daniel Radcliffe as well. I mean he’s also afraid of clowns, not Johnny Depp being afraid of Harry Potter.
-Katie Holmes is afraid of raccoons.
-Madonna is terrified of thunder storms. “Astraphobia” is the name of that one.
-Matthew McConaughey can’t be afraid of anything, right? Nope. Revolving doors, and tunnels.
-Nicole Kidman is afraid of butterflies. “Lepidopterophobia.”
-Pamela Anderson is afraid of mirrors. “Eisoptrophobia.”

Check out more celebrity fears here. Orlando Bloom, Cameron Diaz, Oprah, there are a ton.

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