Girl Tries Playing Game Boy, Frustrated With No Touchscreen [VIDEO]

Kids these days are born into all the technology that we grew up seeing as theoretical. I mean, I’ve had actual intelligent conversations with children younger than the iPhone (it came out over 10 years ago). That’s evident for this little girl, she looks about 3 or 4 maybe, and she’s playing what we’re guessing is her dad’s old Game Boy. In his defense, it look likes a Game Boy color, and those came out back in 1998.

Anyway, she’s trying to play the Game Boy, but because modern devices are flat, flush, streamline, and touchscreen, she has no idea how it works. She totally ignores the buttons, and is seen poking at the screen in frustration, trying to make it do something. The music happily playing away. Check out the video just below:

Eventually she runs off with the toy, presumably to flush it down the toilet.

What “old tech” have you had to explain to your kids? Hanging up the phone? Rotary phones? Actually knocking on someone’s door rather than texting from the driveway?

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