A New Popular App Promotes Positivity, Anonymity

There’s a new app, and it’s made it into the number 1 download in the free-apps category on the Apple app store. It’s called “TBH.” Short for “to be honest.” The app promotes positivity and sending compliments, and is virtually troll-proof.

You download the app, and “register” with your name, school, grade, etc. Once you’re on the app, you can send compliments to other users, friends, or contacts. It works pretty nicely, in that the app actually asks you questions. It will present you with a question like “Who has the best smile?”, or “Who’s always nice to talk to?” You then get to pick one name from a group of 4 that seem to be populated in a random fashion. The app will then send that person a notification as a compliment, saying something like “you were picked as having the best smile.” The app will also save all the compliments, so you can go back to look at them if you’re feeling down about yourself in some way. There’s no typing, no filling-in-the-blank, and no room for bullying.

High Schoolers talking about that app say they felt like it would be boring or “lame,” says one student, but it’s clearly a big hit, and the company behind the app say they have over 2 million users log on per day. That’s a seriously popular app. It also seems to be pretty iron-clad against people who may want to use it as a tool for bullying, like what many social media tools and apps have become.

So far it’s for iPhone only, but they’re working on an Android version.


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