All The Kardashian-Jenner Baby News (And OJ) Summed Up [PICS]

Ok, let’s take a deep breath, this’ll take a while.

In the past week, we learned that Kylie Jenner is pregnant. We also learned that Khloe Jenner is pregnant. A few weeks ago we learned that Kim and Kanye are sort of pregnant, as they’re using a surrogate who is pregnant. And we also can’t forget that OJ Simpson is being released from jail on Monday. Why is that relevant? We’ll get to that. There were also some rumors either Kylie or Khloe were actually acting as Kim K’s surrogate, so I guess we’ll see what happens.

First up – Kim and Kanye. It was revealed a few weeks ago that they’re using a surrogate to have their third baby, since Kim can’t carry another one. Pictures of that surrogate have now surfaced, by the way. There’s nothing really salacious in there, that’s news, and they’ve been pretty open about most of the baby process.

Now for Kylie Jenner. She and her boyfriend (Travis Scott) of just a few months revealed that they’re having a little girl. Sort of revealed, actually. Apparently there still isn’t actual, 100% certain confirmation from the couple that they’re expecting, just some “inside sources” saying so. Although Kim Kardashian says those “inside sources” should have no way to know, considering the Kardashian family hasn’t even told anyone. Check this out:

She’s clearly upset about the rumors. Also, rumor has it that Kris Jenner, the “leader” of the K/J Family, seems to be upset that Kylie may be putting her cosmetics company in danger by having a baby. That’s the spirit, grandma!

Also, hot new Halloween look for this year, pregnant Kylie Jenner costume. That’s sure to be a big hit this year.

Next – Khloe Kardashian. She’s also pregnant, has been for about 4 months. She and Tristan Thompson of the Cleveland Cavaliers dropped that news this week, just after Kylie’s news broke. The babies are due around the same time. Actually, Khloe and Tristan didn’t drop the news themselves, executive producer for the show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” is the one who dropped the news, congratulating the couple on social media. Khloe “liked” the post. That post has since been removed, but thanks to the internet, it lives on forever right here. Khloe also says that she’s in no hurry to get married before having the baby. Not judging, just reporting. A source says that she’s “open to it but it’s not a prerequisite.”

“But what’s this about OJ Simpson?” So happy you asked. It’s pretty basic, OJ Simpson is getting released (probably) from jail on Monday (and might move here to Sacramento), and the timing of all this news just works out. There’s been a longtime rumor that OJ Simpson is actually Khloe Kardashian’s biological father. How do they all know each other? Well, when OJ was on trial for the murder of his wife and her friend back in ’95, Robert Kardashian was his lawyer. Robert was married to Khloe’s mother and Kardashian leader, Kris (now Jenner). OJ was a family friend of the Ks, and there was a rumor that OJ and Kris had a bit of a fling, and thus, Khloe. You might be thinking “there’s no way,” but check out these pictures here and here. Also, check out a picture of Khloe next to OJ’s confirmed daughter, Sydney here. We’re not saying anything, but.. To be honest, Khloe does have Robert’s nose

I think that pretty much covers all the Kardashian current news about babies, including OJ’s upcoming release from prison.

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