Did Taylor Swift Tease New Music In UPS Commercial? [VIDEO]

You may remember that Taylor Swift has partnered with UPS, and that includes having the cover of her new album pasted on the side of the trucks.

Anyway, a new commercial for UPS came out recently, which shows those trucks being covered with the art, and customer reactions as well. But there’s music playing in the commercial, and people think it’s a subliminal message meant to tease her next single. Could it be?

Someone actually took a clip of the song that’s playing in the commercial, slowed it down, and revealed that it sounds like the lyrics are saying “Rip Off The Page.” Many are jumping to conclusions, calling it “a new song,” and that it might be the next one to be released.

Here’s the commercial with the song. Do you think it could be her next single, or is it just a generic commercial song meant to evoke high energy?

Here’s the slowed down version:

“Rip Off the Page” sounds plausible, and sort of goes along with many of her other lyrics, including “But I’ve got a blank space baby, And I’ll write your name,” from “Blank Space,” and “I’ve got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined, I check it once, then I check it twice” from “Look What You Made Me Do.” Perhaps the “rip off the page” lyric is a reference to all the previously “written” names in a book she’s trying to forget, or has “moved on” from?

Now you’re thinking.

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