House-Sized Asteroid Passing By Earth Today, No Big Deal

There’s an asteroid out there in space. That’s not surprising, there are probably millions upon millions of them out there, careening around all over the place. This one is passing by earth today. Not just, like, “oh hey look, there’s an asteroid out there,” but more of a “um, it’s only 26,000 miles away?” sort of way.

The moon is at a distance of about 239,000 miles from the earth. Our own satellites for communication and GPS navigation are roughly 20,000 miles, +/- a few thousand, above the surface of the earth.

“Will I be able to see it?” Well, no, not likely. It’s travelling around 30,000mph through space, but that’s not the reason why you won’t be able to see it. It’s the size of a house, which sounds big, but in the grand picture when you step outside tonight and look up, it’s miniscule, absolutely infinitesimal in comparison to the rest of the bright dots that litter our night sky. However, if you have experience with telescopes and plotting charts, you can figure out where to look for it. Details here, where they’ll also be live-streaming.

“Should I be concerned?” Nope, not one bit. NASA will be using it to test their “planetary defense system” though. Whatever that means.

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