Where’s The Weirdest Spot Your Kid Has Used The Bathroom?

I bet it doesn’t compare to this one.

A woman was out to eat with her family when her son noted that he had to use the bathroom. Now, mind you, the restaurant has restrooms for the guests on each floor, convenient and ready for use. Rather than putting her phone down (as you can see in the picture in the original article) and get up from the table with her son, she just gave him a nice little container that he could use right there at the table.

That container, by the way, was the empty bowl that once held soup. Presumably the soup that made the boy have to use the bathroom in the first place. Well of course the noise that was created by him, uh, “using” the bowl drew attention from other diners in the restaurant. One person captured the event on video, odd as that sounds, and posted it to Weibo, which is China’s version of Facebook. Anyway, that person said that the woman was questioned about why she gave her son a bowl, and she simply said that (yes it gets worse) the restaurant was going to clean the bowl anyway.

After the story broke, a reporter visited the restaurant to talk about the incident, and the restaurant says that the bowl the boy used, as well as the utensils from the table, have all been destroyed.

So yeah, suddenly the toilet display at Home Depot doesn’t sound so bad, does it?


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