Drone Shots Of A Santa Rosa Neighborhood After The Fire [VIDEO]

These videos are seriously haunting and eerie, and mail delivery is still happening.

Douglas Thron, professional drone pilot and photographer, was hired to record video of some of the devastating damage caused by the Tubbs fire. The fire was north of San Francisco in Santa Rosa, and it completely destroyed several neighborhoods in the area.

One of those neighborhoods in particular was nearly 100% destroyed, the charred, still smoking remains of people’s houses and belongings for rows and rows of streets in the video. And then the camera shows a USPS mail carrier driving through the neighborhood, still delivering the mail to the few mailboxes that have remained standing. Now, the deliveries are happening at the request of those homeowners who say they will be returning to collect whatever they can from their homes, according to a statement from the USPS district manager from San Francisco. Here’s one of those videos below:

It’s so spooky to see that video. I mean, we hear about all the destruction and how many acres the fires have destroyed, and a number-count of the homes and businesses destroyed, but until you actually see the remains of someone’s belongings, or the remains of someone’s life of collecting heirlooms and toys for their children and grandchildren; it just doesn’t “trigger” that feeling in our minds. You know the feeling, it’s that complete loss of words, that heart-sinking feeling. It’s just so terrible.

In another video captured by the same photographer, he shows some other parts of Santa Rosa that were destroyed, including the Hilton hotel, and more of the Coffey Park neighborhood. It’s just so weird to see just how defined the border of the fire was in this video; you can see a house, completely untouched, surrounded by nothing but burned homes and grass. It’s just so weird how that happens.

This is not a post made to collect likes and shares on a website, this post was made with complete respect and love for those victims. It was to show the devastation that families are going through with these fires. The families who have lost all of their belongings, all of their memories, children’s drawings, favorite books and toys; and some of these families have even lost members of their families. This post is to show what they are going through, and to emphasize how important it is to help these families rebuild their lives in any way we can.

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