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Baltbuster Valentine’s Day Surprise Wedding

Love is in the air and so are pots and pans when Jeanette’s mom finds out about her big Valentine’s day surprise.

NOW 100.5–01/28/2013

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Baltbuster Meet Your Future In Laws

Adrian’s prim & proper mom gets a sneak peak of the type of family her daughter is about to marry into!

NOW 100.5–01/25/2013

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Baltbuster We’re Taking Down Your Christmas Lights

Jackie in Elk Grove finds out that not everyone appreciates her Christmas cheer one month after the holiday is over.

NOW 100.5–01/23/2013

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Baltbuster: Lost Reservation To Cancun

Beth in Rocklin finds out about the new vacation hot spot that will literally “blow her away”.

NOW 100.5–01/11/2013

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Baltbuster You’re Losing Your Raider Season Tickets!

Frank in West Sacramento takes us right to the black hole as he finds out he’s losing his season tickets!

NOW 100.5–01/09/2013