Daily Dirty

Todd Does The Dirty 02-11-16Lena Dunham on nude scenes, Johnny Depp as Trump, Kelly Osbourne pooped on by a bat.
Is She REALLY The Worst Family Feud Contestant?
Watch This Gymnast's Routine That Had Everyone Dancing!
Lena Dunham Taking A Break From 'Girls'?Lena Dunham announced that she would be taking some time off because of health issues.
'Orange Is The New Black' Sentence Extended!Piper was only sentenced to a year in prison but now it appears that the sentence could be extended!
What Silly Thing Made You Cry?
Fans Of Big Ang Flock To Go Fund Me!
So You Think Your Kid Can Dance? Make Them A Star!
The NFL Goes Adorable With 'Super Bowl Babies Choir'
Khloe Gets Lamar A House!One thing we can say for sure about Khloe Kardashian is that she is a woman of her word!
'Friends' of 'The Big Bang Theory' See The Photo!!This is pretty epic; the cast of Friends are seldom seen all together these days...
Ronda Rousey On SNL How Did She Do?We know Ronda Rousey is a tough chick and she works hard. So itshould have come as no surprise that she would give it her all while hosting “Saturday Night Live” on Saturday night.

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