Dirty On The 30 - 10-21-16Brad Pitt and Maddox have finally met since the divorce paperwork, and Miley Cyrus is campaigning door-to-door this weekend.
Dirty On The 30 - 10-20-16Brad Pitt's son never wants to see him again, and Justin Bieber is about to make somebody a lot of money.
Dirty On The 30 - 10-18-16Billy Bush is officially out of work, Brad and Angie apparently were never there for their kids, and Shepard Smith is officially out.
Dirty On The 30 - 10-17-16Donald Trump is tired of Saturday Night Live, and Beyonce lost an earring on stage, but kept right on performing.
Dirty On The 30 - 10-14-16Billy Bush isn't going down without a fight, and Adam Levine is good at dad-ing.
Dirty On The 30 - 10-13-16Joe Jonas shares a little too much about his personal life, Michael Jackson beat all other celebrities for income last year, and Selena Gomez is back in rehab.
Dirty On The 30 - 10-12-16Billy Bush is probably getting fired from Today, and Miley Cyrus has discovered her pansexualty.
Dirty On The 30 - 10-11-16Shailene Woodley was arrested at a protest, Kesha still worries about Dr. Luke drama, and Shia LaBeouf got married we think?
Dirty On The 30 - 10-07-16Shawn Mendes had a dream about Drake and a bathroom, and Brad Pitt got to spend time with his kids finally.
Dirty On The 30 - 10-06-16Estimated TV stars' salaries, have you ever wondered what your favorite TV celebrities make per episode?
Dirty On The 30 - 10-05-16Ric Flair is lying about his hookups, and Taylor Swift is playing the Super Bowl! No, not THAT show, the other one.
Dirty On The 30 - 10-04-16Kim Kardashian's robbery story is quite the controversial situation, and it's raising more questions than answers.

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