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Fan Steals A Kiss On The Mouth From Adele! [VIDEO]This video is adorable! This man was so excited when Adele pulled him on stage at a concert - and he ended up stealing a kiss on the mouth from her. See the video...
Whale Tangled In Net Finds People To Help It Get Free [PICS]A whale got tangled up in a net and came to the waterfront to find people to help it get free! One rescuer said: "He was as gentle as a kitten." See pics of the rescue...
Shirtless Nick Jonas VS Shirtless Joe Jonas! [PICS]It's brother vs brother NOW that Joe and Nick Jonas have posted shirtless pics! Which brother do YOU think looks better without a shirt? See them both...
Comedian Leaves Fake Animal Facts All Around L.A. ZooA comedian leaves fake animal fact signs all around a Los Angeles Zoo!
Construction Worker Hides Waldo Every Day For KidsA construction worker made a cutout of "Where's Waldo" and hides it in the construction site next to a children's hospital every day.
Found Sound - 07-22-16Celine Dion impersonates Rihanna and Sia, Alessia Cara covers U2's "One," Samsung's “One” Anthem for the Olympics, and Tiffany Trump has a song from a few years ago.
Bugged - 07-22-16We hid a microphone somewhere in Sacramento, and your task is to guess exactly where that microphone is by listening to the sound.
See Adele With NO Makeup On! [PICS]It doesn't if she's wearing makeup or not, we LOVE Adele any way we can get her but have you ever seen her natural beauty? Check her out makeup-free!
New Study Reveals What Day Of The Week It Is Cheapest To Buy Wine, Beer.Did you know that you can actually pay MORE for beer and wine depending on what day you buy it? See what days you can get the beast deals on your beverages...
Police Bodycam Footage From Pulse Nightclub Shooting Released [VIDEO]The Orange County Sheriff's Office has released video recorded from the bodycams that officers were wearing the night that they responded to the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando.
Dr. Sandra Lee Commissioned Pimple CupcakesDr. Sandra Lee, also known as Dr. Pimple Popper, has commissioned some pimple-cupcakes, and they look and act pretty realistically.
Your Butt Wants You To Use SunscreenSunscreen is important to help protect your skin, and for proof of how damaged your skin already is, you can just look at your butt.

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