Whatcha Doin At The Courthouse?

Latest Whatcha Doin At The Courthouse?

A Sacramento Courthouse.

Courthouse 07-17-15

Intern Sarah finds the most interesting courthouse attendees. From simple misunderstandings all the way to – how many Xanax? At once? Ouch.

NOW 100.5–07/17/2015

A Sacramento Courthouse.

Courthouse 07-13-15

Who steals an apartment lease? This guy says he didn’t, and I think we actually do believe him. Intern Sarah is back for more “Whatcha Doin’ at the Courthouse?”

NOW 100.5–07/13/2015

A Sacramento Courthouse.

Courthouse 06-19-15

Sometimes when you’re defending some, umm, allegations, you get your historical figures confused. Intern Sarah asks “Whatcha doin’ at the courthouse?”

NOW 100.5–06/19/2015

A Sacramento Courthouse.

Courthouse 06-15-15

Why is a person at the Courthouse laughing about a bullet in her Uncle’s back? Intern Sarah doesn’t get an answer for that question, I’m seriously asking. “Whatcha doin’ at the Courthouse?”

NOW 100.5–06/15/2015

A Sacramento Courthouse.

Whatcha Doin At The Courthouse

“Whatcha doin’ at the courthouse?” Intern Sarah asks the question and maybe exposes a little too much drama.

NOW 100.5–06/05/2015