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New Celebrity Oscars Trend, The “Happy Lift”

It’s called the “happy-lift” and it literally pulls the corners of your mouth up so you appear happier and more at-ease.

NOW 100.5–11 hours ago

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World’s First Transgender Doll Hits Stores Soon

The world’s first transgender doll is being released, and she’s based on a real trans-icon.

NOW 100.5–12 hours ago

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Florida Police Officer Drives Off With Gas Pump

Sometimes when your day is just too busy, you forget to take the gas nozzle out of the car before driving off.

NOW 100.5–12 hours ago

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They Say You Should Eat More Vegetables Now

It looks like fruits and vegetables are even healthier than we previously thought, and that more is better.

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📷 The Most Painful Lego To Step On

We’ve all somehow stepped on Lego pieces, and we know they hurt, but someone took the time to rank the pain level of each piece.

NOW 100.5–02/23/2017

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A Girl’s Friend Spied On Date, Made Sure It Went Well

A girl was going on a first date, and her friend snuck along, undercover style, to make sure everything went well.

NOW 100.5–02/23/2017

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4-Month-Old Hears For The First Time

4-month-old Matthew was born deaf, but receives hearing aids and hears him mom for the first time with a priceless reaction.

NOW 100.5–02/23/2017

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📷 Hoda Kotb Adopts Little Girl

Hoda Kotb from ‘Today’ adopted a newborn little girl, and she’s absolutely beaming.

NOW 100.5–02/22/2017

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Girl Asks Police For Help With Math Homework

When a young girl needed help with her math homework, she turned to her local police department, and they were glad to assist.

NOW 100.5–02/22/2017

(Photo credit VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images)

Jimmy Kimmel Contemplates Retiring From Late Night TV

Jimmy Kimmel is reaching the end of his late-night hosting contract, and feels like it might be time to retire.

NOW 100.5–02/22/2017

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The Most Admired Companies

The world’s most admired companies have been given ratings and ranked based on a few different factors.

NOW 100.5–02/21/2017

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▶️️ Dad’s Instructional Video, How To Prepare For Parenthood

A dad made a real but funny video on how you can prepare yourself for parenthood, & it’s definitely a moment we’ve all shared, parent or not.

NOW 100.5–02/21/2017

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📷 Paint Your House With Selena Gomez

There’s a new paint color named after Selena Gomez, and you’ll be able to buy it soon.

NOW 100.5–02/21/2017

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This Company Offers “Paw-Ternity” Leave

A company is opening their first US based location, and they’re offering a pretty interesting policy for new-pet-parent employees.

NOW 100.5–02/21/2017

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7 Year Old Writes To ‘Google Boss,’ Gets Personal Response

Chloe is a motivated 7-year-old who applied for a job at Google, and she actually got a personal response from the CEO.

NOW 100.5–02/17/2017

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Gwen Stefani’s Deal Breaker About Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani revealed something that could have been a deal-breaker for her relationship with Blake Shelton.

NOW 100.5–02/17/2017

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Taco Bell Is The Newest Wedding Venue

Taco Bell is getting into the wedding business, and it’s relatively low-priced for a wedding, to be honest.

NOW 100.5–02/17/2017

(Photo credit MOHAMMED HUWAIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Man Has Secret Cash In Shirt Pocket, Wife Unknowingly Donates Shirt

Bob was saving up money to surprise his wife with a vacation, but she unknowingly donated the shirt in which he was keeping the cash.

NOW 100.5–02/16/2017

(Photo credit SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Lottery Winner Sues Lottery, Says Winning Ruined Her Life

She was 17 when she became an instant millionaire, and now she’s suing because it ruined her life.

NOW 100.5–02/16/2017

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Justin Bieber Being Investigated For Assault [VIDEO]

Justin Bieber is now the prime suspect in an assault case from last summer after he punched a man who took his picture.

NOW 100.5–02/16/2017


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