Bikini-Clad Baristas Raising City Councillor’s Eyebrows

A bikini-themed coffee shop is raising some eyebrows in Washington with a local city councillor who’s arguing for a less-revealing dress code.

NOW 100.5–03/21/2017

Another Week, Another Twitter Challenge (Cup Blowing) [VIDEO]

There’s (another) new challenge sweeping across social media, and it’s actually not as out of control as the others.

NOW 100.5–03/21/2017

Katy Perry Did More Than Just Kiss A Girl

Katy Perry was talking about her song “I Kissed a Girl,” and that it really means much more than just the title.

NOW 100.5–03/20/2017

Real Housewives Of NJ Star’s Car Linked To Double Murder

A tragic happening in the Real Housewives of NJ community, Kim DePaola’s car was found burned with two dead bodies inside.

NOW 100.5–03/20/2017

Moms Are Getting Breastfeeding Tattoos To Celebrate Motherhood [PICS]

Mothers are getting breastfeeding tattoos to celebrate motherhood and to help normalize breastfeeding (in public).

NOW 100.5–03/20/2017

Matthew Perry Beat Up Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Matthew Perry was on with Jimmy Kimmel, and he told the story about when he got into a fight with the Canadian Prime Minister.

NOW 100.5–03/17/2017

Brad Pitt’s Alleged Mistress Marion Cotillard Has Baby

Marion Cotillard, French actress and Brad Pitt’s co-star/former rumored mistress, just welcomed her new baby daughter into the world.

NOW 100.5–03/17/2017

JLo Shows Serious Leg While On Date With A-Rod [PHOTO]

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were seen leaving a dinner date in Miami together, and she was showing off some serious leg.

NOW 100.5–03/17/2017

Naked Man Removed From Napa Valley Restaurant Wall

A naked man was rescued from the inside of a Napa Valley restaurant wall after he fell while searching for a wishing well.

NOW 100.5–03/16/2017

Demi Lovato Celebrates 5 Year Sobriety

Demi Lovato is celebrating 5 years sober, reflecting on the journey in an Instagram post.

NOW 100.5–03/16/2017

The ‘Hell Challenge’ Is Really Challenging Parents [VIDEO]

There’s a new challenge going around high-school social media circles, and it’s seriously irritating parents.

NOW 100.5–03/16/2017

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Got Matching Tattoos Right Before Divorce [PHOTO]

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, just a few months before their divorce, got matching tattoos in effort to “bind them as husband and wife.”

NOW 100.5–03/15/2017

Ed Sheeran Is Breaking Guinness World Records

Ed Sheeran is breaking all sorts of records with stunning numbers following the release of his new album “Divide” earlier this month.

NOW 100.5–03/15/2017

Bay-Area Sinkhole Has First Birthday

A sinkhole that opened up in a bay-area town last March just turned 1, and someone gave it a birthday party with streamers and a balloon.

NOW 100.5–03/15/2017

This Baby Wearing Fake Lashes Will Make Your Day [PHOTO]

A parent who is also a makeup artist stuck some fake lashes to her baby, and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see today.

NOW 100.5–03/15/2017

Polyamorous Trio Granted Three-Way Custody Of Child

A judge has ruled 3-way custody arrangements in a very fascinating custody battle between a man, his ex wife, and their girlfriend.

NOW 100.5–03/14/2017

Ed Sheeran Helps Fan After Facebook Suspension [VIDEO]

A musician’s video covering one of Ed Sheeran’s songs got flagged for copyright infringement, until Ed himself stepped in to save the day.

NOW 100.5–03/14/2017

Jonah Hill Drops More Weight, Obsessed With Living Healthy [PHOTO]

Jonah Hill has been working hard on his new diet, and after being seen leaving the gym, it’s clearly paying off for him.

NOW 100.5–03/14/2017

Olly The Jack Russell Terrier’s Hilariously Awful Agility Run [VIDEO]

Olly had a hilarious but great time on the agility course, even after his face-plant and entertaining disqualifications.

NOW 100.5–03/14/2017

Gwyneth Paltrow Expanding Organic Cafe With Selfie Room

Gwyneth Paltrow is opening a new cafe in New York that provides health food and drink options, and also has a “selfie room.”

NOW 100.5–03/13/2017



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