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Katy Perry’s Dirty 30 Birthday Wish

Katy Perry is turning 30 this Saturday, October 25th, and she has one birthday wish,  she wants her name on the Shakey’s Pizza Marquee on Santa Monica Blvd!!!!  It took a birthday miracle, otherwise known [...]

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Trending DIY Halloween Costume Ideas Like Jack & Coke!

What are you going to wear to the Grave Digger’s Ball this year?  With costume contest prizes at an all time high this year the pressure is on to come up with something really good.  [...]

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Freaky Fact Or Fiction: Chili’s Cook Fired For Being Too Sexy

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”, so the saying goes and in this case, “Don’t fire me because I’m too sexy”.  THIS IS A FREAKY FACT!!!!!  A cook at a Chili’s in Florida lost his [...]

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Craig’s List Guy Wants To Share His Bed With You If You’re Skinny

Sounds ridiculous but it’s true.  There’s a man out there that wants to give back so for him that means sharing his bed with a skinny, clean woman that sleeps in pajamas.  He’s trying to [...]

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President Obama’s Credit Card Declined

I guess going to dinner with the President means you’re paying the bill! The President was out to dinner with the First Lady in New York when his credit card was declined.  He said he [...]

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Charlie Sheen’s Wedding Is Off!

Charlie Sheen announced his engagement to Brett Rossi back in February, according to E! Online.  His whirlwind romance with the porn star has ended just as quickly as it began. Charlie Sheen is back on [...]

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Donald Trump And Russell Brand Are Fighting Over Katy Perry

Donald Trump isn’t happy in life unless he’s fighting with someone or making millions.  Sound about right?  Now he’s directing his anger at Russell Brand.  E! reports that The Donald started tweeting while watching Russell [...]

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Taylor Swift’s New Song About Harry Styles

The countdown is officially on to Taylor Swift’s first ever all pop album, “1989”.  October 27th is the day!  She released a new song off of her upcoming album on Tuesday called, “Out Of The [...]

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Clowns Of America International Are Mad At Hollywood

Have you been watching “American Horror Story:  Freak Show”?  There’s a character on the show that’s a scary clown.  It’s not the first scary clown to pop up in Hollywood but the Clowns Of America [...]

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Paul Rudd Invites Everyone To Party At His Mom’s House After Royal’s Win

Who knew Paul Rudd was a Royal’s Fan?  He was born in New Jersey but grew up in the outskirts of Kansas City.  He is so excited that the Royals are advancing to the World [...]

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Solo Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Genius.  I accidentally found this recipe on YourTango while reading about how making check lists for your dream partner is really hurting you.  Duh!  The more people you date the more you know what you [...]

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Guess Who Played Bartender At Robin Thicke’s Divorce Party!?

Robin Thicke has finally accepted the fact that he’s getting divorced and decided to throw a party, according to Page Six!  The party started at a club in LA and ended at his house.  Models [...]

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Is Lady Gaga Getting Married?

This is big news!  Gaga has been dating Chicago Fire actor, Taylor Kinney, for years, which left many jealous and the rest wondering if he was going to make an honest woman of her? According [...]

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Boy Imitates Patrick Swayze’s Dance Moves In “Dirty Dancing” He’s Spot On!

This kid could be a pro on Dancing With The Stars one day!  He’s like a young Derek Hough. Watching him dance just made my day!  Watch 8 year old Charlie nail Patrick Swayze’s dance [...]

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Creepy Clowns Haunting Streets Of Wasco California

OMG get out of here!!!  Have you seen the movie, “It”?  Its’ all about a creepy clown named Pennywise that kills kids.  I had nightmares for YEARS about this clown and actually still do from [...]

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Another Reason To Wish Channing Tatum Was Your Husband

When most couples come home from a long day at the office they’ll talk about it, help eachother work through any problems and then go about their business.  Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan [...]

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Amanda Bynes Placed On 5150 Hold

After hearing this I actually felt relieved.  Amanda needs to be saved from herself if she’s not going to be on medication because her bizarre behavior isn’t funny, it’s just sad.  Her parents are trying [...]

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George Clooney Spends Honeymoon At NYC Comic Con Solo

George Clooney is spending his time as a newlywed solo.  After his fairy tale wedding in Italy Georgey is in NYC promoting his new movie at Comic Con.  He made a surprise appearance on the [...]

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Guess Who’s Playing The 2015 Superbowl Half-Time Show!?!

Remember a little while back we were talking about how the NFL wants artists to pay to play the half-time show because of all of the exposure they get?  I wonder how that conversation went [...]

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‘Ghostbusters 3′ Is Happening With All Female Cast

Director Paul Feig made the announcement on Twitter yesterday that he’s moving forward with a Ghostbusters 3 movie!  There have been rumors about this happening for a while with an all female cast, and that’s [...]

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