Nina’s Eggs On Ice: Starting Injections

I’m on day 4 of hormone injections!  That feels like a huge accomplishment considering I was pretty nervous leading up to it.  The plan to freeze my eggs has been in motion for months so [...]

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Kendall Jenner Trips During Paris Fashion Week

Kendall Jenner is a successful fashion model making appearances all over fashion weeks around the world.  She was walking for Givenchy yesterday when she tripped on the runway!  I would imagine that would be a [...]

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George Clooney Is Married!

Venice, Italy has been crawling with Hollywood heavy hitters in celebration of George and Amal’s wedding!  The eternal bachelor has been won over by Amal Alamuddin and they just look so happy.  I’m a sucker [...]

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Jennifer Lopez And Leah Remini Hit By Drunk Driver

JLo and her bestie, Leah Remini, were taking their kids to see Demi Lovato when they were hit by a drunk driver at a light.  Oh, don’t mess with mama bears.  People confirms that JLo [...]

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Cute Baby Alert! I Love Axl Duhamel

We haven’t seen many pics of Fergie and Josh Duhamel’s bundle of joy but when we do it’s so worth the wait.  Look at baby Axl rocking his Wu Tang t-shirt in this pic his [...]

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Watch Cuba Gooding Jr. Strip At Chicago Blackhawks Exhibition Game

Cuba Gooding Jr. was at a Chicago Blackhawks exhibition game on Tuesday when he participated in a game called, “shoot the puck”.  Cuba had to do just that, shoot the puck!  It was a 2 [...]

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Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen Joins Matthew McConaughey In New Lincoln Commercial (VIDEO)

Leave it to Ellen to make everything better.  Have you seen Matthew McConaughey’s new Lincoln commercial?  The premise is like a weird stand off between him and a bull.  Ellen teases that she was in [...]

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Proposal Fail! Ring Ends Up In A Body Of Water

Can you imagine getting proposed to on a raft with all of your friends in the middle of the river?  Sounds romantic right?  But then you get so excited that you knock the ring out [...]

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Nina's eggs on ice

Nina’s Eggs On Ice: I’m Having A Baby! Eventually…….

I’ve been telling everyone that I’m having a baby because I am!  Eventually…..I’m freezing my eggs to prepare for my future.  I like to think of it as my baby insurance policy.  A few years [...]

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If You Steal From Miley Cyrus, You’re Going To Jail

Do you remember a while back when Miley Cyrus was victim of a Bling Ring-type robbery?  The couple even stole her Maserati!  How dare they.  Perez Hilton reports that Tyler Scott and Namoi Charles were [...]

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Does Microwaving Your Phone Really Give It More Power?

NO!!!!!!! Don’t stick your iPhone in the microwave. According to CBS, pranksters posted a story saying that there is a new feature with the ios8 that allows you to get your phone more power by [...]

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Reporter Quits On Live TV To Run Cannabis Club And Drops F Bomb

OMG!!!!  You have to watch this to believe it.  A reporter in Alaska was doing a story on a local Cannabis club, revealed that she was the owner at the end of the story and [...]

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Hacked Celebrity Nudes Take 2

These perverted hackers did it again!  A second round of nudes were leaked yesterday and this time Rihanna is one of the victims along with Kim Kardashian, Hayden Panatierre, Gabriel Union, Jennifer Lawrence again and [...]

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First Man To Get An iPhone 6 In Australia Dropped It!

Can you imagine getting a brand new shiny toy and dropping it the second you get it out of the box!?!?!  This guy was so excited about his new iPhone 6 that he dropped it [...]

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Friday Fit’spiration: Jennifer Lopez’s New Music Video For ‘Booty’

I know a lot of people get on their fitness grind before summer, but if you fell off the wagon, are just getting started, or even if you’re on it, a little “fit’spiration” never hurt [...]

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Water For Firefighters Fighting The King Fire

Leonard from our promotions department informed us that his friends have been out fighting the King Fire.  The fire has been taking everything down that it comes into contact with.  Since all of the businesses [...]

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Top 5 Professions Most Likely To Be Drunk At Work

How many days a week would you say you show up to work hungover?  Even if it’s just a little headache, that counts.  According to a new study posted by Gawker, my job is NOT in [...]

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Did Joan Rivers’ Doctor Really Take A Selfie With Her While She Was Unconscious?

According to a new report from CNN, Joan‘s doctor took a selfie while she was unconscious and then proceeded to do an unauthorized biopsy.  This is just awful.  Joan didn’t have to die this way. [...]

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Do You Want To Dress Like Olivia Pope? You Can With The Scandal Collection

Do you watch Scandal?  It’s a political thriller about Olivia Pope and her affair with the President.  Aside from all of the chilling drama she’s always so perfectly put together!!!  If you’re interested in stealing [...]

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Rihanna Blasts NFL For Pulling Her Song

Last week Rihanna was supposed to perform during the pre-game show for the Steelers/Ravens game but was pulled  last minute because she is a domestic violence survivor.  When that happened, I asked the question, “Did [...]

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