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One Comment

  1. Christine says:

    This guy was great as a Game Stop employee at Galleria…LMAO

  2. boss says:


  3. Crystal says:

    Tell me why this is a station that is supposed to be “without the RAP” and that is all the DJ’s played Saturday night. Talk about attracting the Rif Raf….I thought it would be all different with the change in genre…sad!

  4. Shari says:

    What was up with that costume contest? The whole crowd was CHANTING Bumblebee!!. Ive never seen the whole house cheer together for one person like that. he was clearly the crowd favorite -the other transformer got nowhere near the same reaction. the guy with the mic kept going back and forth until he got the result HE wanted.

    1. Frank says:

      Gee that’s kind of funny because on the youtube video post you can clearly hear Optimus had the loudest cheer at the end.

      1. shari says:

        At 1:47 in the video the emcee asks Sasha Grey who she thinks will win, and she says she’s rooting for Optimus Prime. At that point, the contest was over. Do you actually think the emcee would let someone OTHER THAN Optimus win once Sasha said that? Get real. The fix was in. You can hear the crowd chanting for Bumblebee. Was anyone chanting for Optimus? NOPE. So what did the emcee do? He kept going back and forth until he got the predetermined result and he always kept Optimus in the “one up” position by introducing Bumblebee first and Optimus second so the crowd could always outdo itself. It is TOTALLY inappropriate and unfair for the emcee to ask the hostess to prejudge the contest before it has even started and then steer the crowd the way he did. Of course Optimus had the loudest cheer at the end. Bumblebee was robbed!!!

      2. now1005brian says:

        Hello Shari, this is Brian. I was the one hosting the costume contest and I thought that I should jump in to help clear up this debate I see going on here in the comment section. There was no pre-determined winner, Sasha Grey’s opinion nor my own had any bearing on the outcome of the contest. People cheered louder for Optimus Prime, that is what determined the winner. I thought that every contestant on the stage looked amazing, there was lots of time and effort put in to those costumes for everyone to enjoy. The Transformers costumes were mind-blowing, unique and on a completely different level than the others, which is why they were the crowd favorites. As much as I love a good conspiracy theory, there is no conspiracy here. I hope that you enjoyed the evening and if you have any questions feel free to email me at
        All the best!

      3. Greg says:

        I was Bumblebee. From where I stood, Optimus clearly had louder applause. Yes, Brian and Sasha should not have had a dialogue about who was going to win prior to the contest. That wasn’t right and it ticked off some people, but I don’t think it mattered and second-guessing is pointless. Optimus was the better costume that night. The guy who made it is super cool and obviously very talented. He deserved to win.

  5. ADAM says:


  6. jazz says:

    ok the blue hair girl is just a man

  7. Shari says:

    Brian, conspiracies are hidden.. what you did was right out in the open and all over youtube. in how many of the countless contests run by 100.5 has the host expressed who he or she wanted to win BEFORE the contest? Probably none because we all know it looks bad if the person the host endorsed ends up winning. But that’s what you did. Watch the video on youtube. YOUR EXACT WORDS at 1:47 are “Sasha which one’s gonna win?” She answers with Optimus Prime. You said ‘Sasha Grey’s opinion nor my own had any bearing on the outcome of the contest.’ Really? You truly think the celebrity hostess of the entire Ball saying in front of everyone that she was rooting for Optimus Prime had no bearing on who people cheered for? That’s as absurd as saying the endorsement of a big union or the President has no bearing on who people vote for. The bottom line is that the hosts of a contest (you know, the people with the microphones who eventually declare the winner) should not be publicly “rooting” for anyone or telling the crowd who they want to win. Those guys obviously worked very hard on their costumes and they deserved to have the contest run straight up, not to have the hosts telling the crowd who was gonna win before the contest even started. I bet the radio station probably has rules against this. Instead of dismissing what happened as a conspiracy theory you should be apologizing. The video doesn’t lie. You guys clearly said you wanted one contestant to win over the others before the contest even started and it was rude and disrespectful to the other contestants for you to do it… and in my opinion changed the outcome of the contest.

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