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Protect Your Dog From Heat Stroke This Summer With These Tips

Summer is kicking into full swing, and the intense heat has made heat stroke a real danger

NOW 100.5–10 hours ago

Facebook Hits 2 Billion Users

Facebook is reaching another milestone, announcing that it now has more than 2 billion users.

NOW 100.5–12 hours ago

Bill Cosby Going On Town Hall Tour To Restore His Legacy

A spokeswoman for Cosby has clarified the purpose of the comedian’s planned town hall meetings after his mistrial on sexual assault charges

NOW 100.5–06/26/2017

Beyoncé Renting $400K Per Month Mansion Following Childbirth [PICS]

This lavish mansion looks like a palace, but it’s only a rental home for Beyoncé!

NOW 100.5–06/26/2017

Internet Freaks Out After Prada Starts Selling $185 Paperclip [PIC]

Do you have so much money, you have absolutely no idea how to spend it? If so, check out Prada’s latest product: a paperclip.

NOW 100.5–06/26/2017

UFC Fighter Suffers Bowel Movement Mid Fight [VIDEO]

Justine Kish not only lost this fight, but she also lost control of her bowels…

NOW 100.5–06/26/2017

Aaron Carter Heads To Hospital After Being Bullied At His Concert

“They literally won’t stop bullying me” Carter said after being body-shamed at a recent concert.

NOW 100.5–06/23/2017

Titanic, Rogue One, And More Hitting Netflix In July

Titanic will be available for streaming at the start of the month, alongside Free Willy, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, and Police Academy

NOW 100.5–06/22/2017

John Oliver Being Sued By Coal Company For Defamation

Murray Energy is suing John Oliver after the comedian said their CEO looks like a “geriatric Dr. Evil”

NOW 100.5–06/22/2017

Harry Styles’ Stepfather Passes Away From Cancer

Harry Styles just suffered a family tragedy.

NOW 100.5–06/22/2017

Actor Who Played Baby Oscar In ‘Ghostbusters II’ Commits Suicide

The child actor that played baby Oscar in the 80s hit Ghostbusters II has sadly passed away.

NOW 100.5–06/21/2017

‘Weeds’ Star Mary-Louise Parker Gets $30K Robbed By Nanny

The “Weeds” star has been slowly robbed over the past year by her children’s nanny!

NOW 100.5–06/21/2017

Kim Kardashian’s Set To Make $14 Mil In 5 Minutes With New Makeup Line

We all know Kim Kardashian is rich, but she’s about to become a whole lot richer.

NOW 100.5–06/21/2017

Tiger Woods Checks Into In-Patient Drug Clinic

Tiger Woods has checked into a clinic to get help dealing with prescription medication for pain and a sleep disorder.

NOW 100.5–06/20/2017

Amazon Testing Service That Basically Gives You Your Own Dressing Room

The company is testing a new service that lets members try on clothes before buying them, and then only pay for what they keep.

NOW 100.5–06/20/2017

Beyonce’s Twins Were Born Premature

It appears the ‘minor issue’ affecting Beyonce’s twins was their premature birth.

NOW 100.5–06/20/2017

Miles Teller Arrested In San Diego

Actor Miles Teller is out of jail after being arrested for public drunkenness.

NOW 100.5–06/19/2017

10 New Planets That Could Support Life Found By NASA

NASA’s planet-hunting telescope has found 10 new planets that are likely the right size and temperature to potentially have life on them.

NOW 100.5–06/19/2017

Woman Denied $42 Million Jackpot By Casino

Despite winning $42 million at a slot machine, this woman was only offered a steak dinner and $2.25 for her prize.

NOW 100.5–06/19/2017

Beyoncé & Her Twins Still In Hospital Due To ‘Minor Issue’

Sources close to the family confirmed that doctors don’t feel comfortable releasing the twins from the hospital just yet

NOW 100.5–06/19/2017

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