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San Francisco Giants’ M-V-Pee Trophy Is Hilarious [PIC]

In effort to keep the team hydrated, the SF Giants are offering a “M-V-Pee” trophy to their most hydrated player at the end of the series.

NOW 100.5–03/31/2017

Crowdfunding Coming To A Facebook Near You

Facebook is getting into the crowdfunding game, but they’re introducing it with some specific rules.

NOW 100.5–03/31/2017

World’s Strongest Coffee, Now Available In America

The world’s highest-caffeine-content coffee is now available in America, and it’s seriously an insane amount of caffeine.

NOW 100.5–03/31/2017

Uber Driver Drives Woman To Cheating Boyfriend’s House

An Uber driver found out her boyfriend was cheating on her when she delivered another woman to his house.

NOW 100.5–03/30/2017

Babies Coincidentally Named Romeo And Juliet Born Hours Apart [PICS]

Two babies were born on the same day, coincidentally named Romeo & Juliet, and they just had their first photoshoot together.

NOW 100.5–03/30/2017

Another New Tattoo For Justin Bieber – Lion’s Head [PICS]

Justin Bieber loves tattoos, and he also loves lions, so it’s fitting that he just got a lion tattoo.

NOW 100.5–03/30/2017

Cat Saves Humans From Carbon Monoxide In Home

A couple almost died in their sleep because of carbon monoxide in their home, but a heroic feline was there to wake and alert them.

NOW 100.5–03/29/2017

Rude Customer Apologizes To Barista Following Day [PIC]

A rude Starbucks customer came back the next day to admit she was wrong, and apologize with a sweet note for treating the barista unfairly.

NOW 100.5–03/29/2017

Jack Nicholson’s Son Looks Like Leonardo DiCaprio [PICS]

A recent picture of Jack Nicholson and his son Ray at a Lakers game has the internet seeing Leonardo DiCaprio.

NOW 100.5–03/29/2017

Toddler Sees Water Heater On Street, Befriends It [VIDEO]

A little girl sees an old water heater on the side of the road while walking with her parents, and thinking it was a robot, gives it a hug.

NOW 100.5–03/29/2017

One Direction’s Liam Payne Is A New Father! [PIC]

Liam Payne from One Direction welcomed his new baby boy into the world last week, and he couldn’t be happier.

NOW 100.5–03/28/2017

Dad Makes Kids Sign Contract To Get Dog [PICS]

A dad made his kids sign a contract before getting a dog to teach responsibility and try to get out of getting a dog.

NOW 100.5–03/28/2017

Foreign Exchange Students Say American School Is Easy

Foreign exchange students reveal their opinions about schools in America, and they’re generally easier and less demanding than their home schools.

NOW 100.5–03/28/2017

Mom Posts Photo Of Baby Upside Down In Car Seat, Goes Viral

After strapping her child into a car seat, this mom flipped it upside down to demonstrate proper seatbelt technique, and she’s gone viral.

NOW 100.5–03/27/2017

High Heels For Babies Are A Thing Now

A company makes high heels for babies, and people are furious about how they sexualize children.

NOW 100.5–03/27/2017

Uber Self-Driving Car Involved In Crash [PICS]

One of Uber’s self-driving cars was involved in an accident over the weekend, and Uber has now suspended self-driving tests.

NOW 100.5–03/27/2017

Zayn Malik Hides In Laundry Basket To Escape Fans

Zayn Malik was trapped in his hotel due to hundreds of fans waiting outside, so he had to make a secret escape.

NOW 100.5–03/24/2017

Beer Designed To Match Your DNA

You can get a custom-brewed beer specifically for your unique DNA profile and taste for a small (large) fee.

NOW 100.5–03/24/2017

GPS Is Hurting Our Brains

GPS Navigation is bad for our brains, we essentially become a drone following directions when we use it.

NOW 100.5–03/24/2017

Cheetos Introduces Snackwear Fashion Concept

Cheetos, the cheesy crisp snacks, are creating clothing to help you snack better, and more discreetly.

NOW 100.5–03/23/2017

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