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Mom Posts Photo Of Baby Upside Down In Car Seat, Goes Viral

After strapping her child into a car seat, this mom flipped it upside down to demonstrate proper seatbelt technique, and she’s gone viral.

NOW 100.5–6 hours ago

High Heels For Babies Are A Thing Now

A company makes high heels for babies, and people are furious about how they sexualize children.

NOW 100.5–6 hours ago

Uber Self-Driving Car Involved In Crash [PICS]

One of Uber’s self-driving cars was involved in an accident over the weekend, and Uber has now suspended self-driving tests.

NOW 100.5–7 hours ago

Zayn Malik Hides In Laundry Basket To Escape Fans

Zayn Malik was trapped in his hotel due to hundreds of fans waiting outside, so he had to make a secret escape.

NOW 100.5–03/24/2017

Beer Designed To Match Your DNA

You can get a custom-brewed beer specifically for your unique DNA profile and taste for a small (large) fee.

NOW 100.5–03/24/2017

GPS Is Hurting Our Brains

GPS Navigation is bad for our brains, we essentially become a drone following directions when we use it.

NOW 100.5–03/24/2017

Cheetos Introduces Snackwear Fashion Concept

Cheetos, the cheesy crisp snacks, are creating clothing to help you snack better, and more discreetly.

NOW 100.5–03/23/2017

You Can Buy Air From An Adele Concert

People are selling bags of air from Adele’s concerts on eBay, and some of them are actually getting bids.

NOW 100.5–03/23/2017

Tom Brady’s Stolen Jersey Found

Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl jersey was found, along with one from a couple years ago that we didn’t even know went missing.

NOW 100.5–03/23/2017

A Look Inside Target’s New Store Concept

Target is redesigning their stores, making them more modern, stylish, and more efficient to navigate and shop.

NOW 100.5–03/23/2017

A Father Built A Rube Goldberg Machine For Baby Gender Reveal [VIDEO]

A man built an incredible, whole-house Rube Goldberg machine to reveal the gender of his and his wife’s second child.

NOW 100.5–03/22/2017

10 Year Old Sells Drawings To Buy Toys For Sick Brother

10 year old Hayden sells his drawings so he can buy toys for his sick younger brother Max, and he’s our hero of the week.

NOW 100.5–03/22/2017

Lead Poisoning Happening Across California

California is seeing a large number of lead poisoning cases in certain areas, including Fresno and the Bay Area.

NOW 100.5–03/22/2017

Semi-Truck Crash On Highway 50 Westbound

There’s a pretty significant delay on WB 50 this morning heading into town, details here.

NOW 100.5–03/22/2017

Adele Yelled At A Security Guard At Her Show, And It Was Perfect [VIDEO]

Adele was getting irritated with a security guard at one of her shows, so she laid into him in defense of her fans.

NOW 100.5–03/21/2017

Mel B Files For Divorce

Just a couple weeks after her dad passed away, Mel B filed for divorce from her husband of 10 years.

NOW 100.5–03/21/2017

Bikini-Clad Baristas Raising City Councillor’s Eyebrows

A bikini-themed coffee shop is raising some eyebrows in Washington with a local city councillor who’s arguing for a less-revealing dress code.

NOW 100.5–03/21/2017

Another Week, Another Twitter Challenge (Cup Blowing) [VIDEO]

There’s (another) new challenge sweeping across social media, and it’s actually not as out of control as the others.

NOW 100.5–03/21/2017

Katy Perry Did More Than Just Kiss A Girl

Katy Perry was talking about her song “I Kissed a Girl,” and that it really means much more than just the title.

NOW 100.5–03/20/2017

Real Housewives Of NJ Star’s Car Linked To Double Murder

A tragic happening in the Real Housewives of NJ community, Kim DePaola’s car was found burned with two dead bodies inside.

NOW 100.5–03/20/2017

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