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Luxury Toothpicks Are A Thing, And They’re Way Too Much

Luxury toothpicks are a thing, and they’re designed to take us back to the good old days of high-class toothpick use.

NOW 100.5–14 hours ago

Angelina Jolie Has New Love, Planning A Surrogate?

Angelina Jolie has apparently been dating a new guy for over a year, and an insider says she’s ready to have a baby with him.

NOW 100.5–15 hours ago

Selena Gomez On Birthday – No Gifts, But Please Donate [PIC]

Selena Gomez celebrated her 25th birthday over the weekend, asked her friends and family to donate to Lupus research rather than buy gifts.

NOW 100.5–15 hours ago

Redheaded Sperm Donors Are In High Demand

There’s been a sudden uptick in the popularity of women wanting redheaded babies, and sperm banks can’t keep up with the demand.

NOW 100.5–16 hours ago

The Ten-Year-Old Repeat Offender Car Thief

A 10 year old Florida boy has been arrested for the 4th time in just 6 weeks for stealing cars, and also cutting off his ankle monitor.

NOW 100.5–17 hours ago

Woman’s Car Breaks Down, Finds Dog Under Hood [PICS]

After her car died, she quickly learned that her car was measured on dogpower rather than horsepower.

NOW 100.5–07/21/2017

You Shouldn’t Be Diagnosing Medical Concerns Online

It turns out that no, online medical diagnosing websites aren’t actually very good at diagnosing medical conditions.

NOW 100.5–07/21/2017

Harry Styles Talks ‘Dunkirk,’ WWII With Mark S. Allen [VIDEO]

Mark S. Allen talks with NOW Artist Harry Styles about his new movie “Dunkirk,” and learns a little about the actual Battle of Dunkirk.

NOW 100.5–07/21/2017

Highway 50 Downtown About To Get A Little Better

There’s road work happening on highway 50 downtown starting this weekend, and we’ve got the scheduled closing for you.

NOW 100.5–07/21/2017

Explained – We’re Not Having As Much Sex As We Used To

The average amount of sex in modern day society is less than it was 20 years ago, and there are a lot of good theories as to why.

NOW 100.5–07/20/2017

Update On San Francisco’s Leaning Condo Tower

The Millennium Tower in San Francisco is still sinking and tilting, even faster than before, and there’s still no answer.

NOW 100.5–07/20/2017

The Social Media Bullying Flip-Flop – Instagram Top Playground Now

Facebook used to be the number one source of online bullying, but recently there’s been a shift to the platform previously thought safe.

NOW 100.5–07/20/2017

OJ Simpson To Live In Sacramento After Release From Prison?

OJ Simpson might be released from prison soon, and his new home could be right here in Sacramento, we’ll explain why.

NOW 100.5–07/20/2017

Kylie Jenner Pranks Family With Wax Figure [PICS]

Kylie Jenner unveiled her new wax figure at Madame Tussauds, and even used it to prank her family with a Facetime call.

NOW 100.5–07/20/2017

Kevin Hart, Wife Respond To Cheating Rumors With Laugh

Kevin Hart was just accused of cheating on his pregnant wife, but after laughing off the rumors, everything does seem a-ok in the Hart house.

NOW 100.5–07/20/2017

Can’t Sleep? Doing These Conventional Things Won’t Help

We all have trouble getting to sleep sometimes, but these conventional tips for falling asleep might be doing more harm than good.

NOW 100.5–07/19/2017

The Toothpaste Pregnancy Test Debunked [VIDEO]

The toothpaste pregnancy test has been gaining popularity online, so we decided to research the science behind it.

NOW 100.5–07/19/2017

Breast Milk Brownies – Would You Eat Them?

A mom made brownies with her own breast milk, says she doesn’t think it wa a big deal, and is now confused about how angry everyone is.

NOW 100.5–07/19/2017

Emma Watson Needs Help, And She’s Offering A Reward [PIC]

Emma Watson lost some of her rings, or at least they wound up missing somehow, and she’s offering a reward for their safe return.

NOW 100.5–07/19/2017

Chinese Mall’s ‘Husband Pods’ Are Hot New Shopping Trend

China has introduced “husband pods” to shopping malls, and they’re insanely popular with shopping-reluctant men.

NOW 100.5–07/18/2017

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