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A Night With Orlando Bloom Got This Waitress Fired [PICS]

After hitting it off with Orlando Bloom, this waitress was fired from her job after spending the night with him.

NOW 100.5–3 hours ago

Famous ‘James Bond’ Actor Passed Away

An iconic James Bond actor throughout the 70s into the 80s has passed away after a “short but brave” battle with cancer, his family announced.

NOW 100.5–4 hours ago

Weirdest, Creepiest Marriage Proposal Ever [VIDEO]

A man proposed to his nurse-girlfriend by hiding the engagement ring inside a wound in his stomach, and having her discover it.

NOW 100.5–5 hours ago

A Very Real Local Threat – Sea Lion Pulls Girl Into Water [VIDEO]

A little girl was dragged into the water by a sea lion, and that got us thinking about our own Sacramento local wildlife.

NOW 100.5–05/22/2017

What’s Up With The Latte In The Avocado? [VIDEO]

The newest food trend – lattes and avocados – not separate though, the avocado becomes the container for the latte, and we’ll explain.

NOW 100.5–05/22/2017

Hometown Hero Anthony Sadler Graduates From Sac State

Sacramento’s own Anthony Sadler, one of the heroes who stopped the terror attack on the French train, just graduated from Sac State!

NOW 100.5–05/22/2017

The Two Worst Social Networks For Kids – Instagram And Snapchat

Snapchat and Instagram have been proven to have the worst effect on teens’ mental health, body-image, and anxiety levels.

NOW 100.5–05/22/2017

Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux In Battle With Neighbor

Even celebrities have annoying neighbors they have to deal with in their neighborhoods.

NOW 100.5–05/22/2017

San Francisco Cafe Infested With Rats, Still Open For Business

A cafe in San Francisco is infested with rats, but it’s still open to the public, and they’re serving food and drinks like nothing happened.

NOW 100.5–05/19/2017

Update On NorCal Botulism Outbreak

There’s been an update on the botulism outbreak in the area, with more victims known, and one local mother in critical condition.

NOW 100.5–05/19/2017

New Pants With Detachable Legs Become ‘Booty Shorts’

Some new pants are actually short shorts in disguise, and with the flick of a strap, they transform in an instant, and they’re the latest denim idea.

NOW 100.5–05/19/2017

Taylor Swift’s Stalker Indicted

The guy who was hanging out around Taylor Swift’s apartment, trying to meet her and getting onto her roof was just officially charged.

NOW 100.5–05/18/2017

Downside To Dating Celebrities, According To Harry Styles’ Alleged GF

Harry Styles is no doubt a massive pop star, but when a woman was seen with him a couple times, fans of the star flooded her with hate.

NOW 100.5–05/18/2017

There Are Now Tattoos That Can Play Audio [VIDEO]

Tattoos have been largely unchanged for thousands of years aside from some advances in tools, but now they can play audio.

NOW 100.5–05/18/2017

America Has Spoken, In-N-Out No Longer Favorite Burger

America voted on their favorite burger, and it isn’t In-N-Out any more, much to the disappointment of many.

NOW 100.5–05/18/2017

This Storm Chaser Proposed To His Girlfriend Mid-Tornado [PICS]

A storm chaser picked the perfect moment to propose to his girlfriend – right in front of a tornado – and there are pictures!

NOW 100.5–05/18/2017

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Running For President?

Some numbers are coming out about potential polls for the 2020 election, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is favored to win, if he runs.

NOW 100.5–05/17/2017

Toddler Sees Girl Dressed For Prom, Thinks She’s A Princess [VIDEO]

An adorable 4-year-old saw a teen dressed for prom, and thought she was looking at a real princess.

NOW 100.5–05/17/2017

First Date Lawsuit Over Texting During Movie

A man is suing his date after she was texting throughout the movie they went to see before leaving him stranded at the theater.

NOW 100.5–05/17/2017

All The Recent American Idol News Filtered, Plus Carrie Underwood

There’s been a lot of info about the new American Idol show and judges, so we’ll try to clear up all the rumors right here.

NOW 100.5–05/17/2017

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