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DeMario Jackson “Done With Bachelor In Paradise,” And Contracts Revealed

DeMario Jackson is absolutely “done” with and won’t be returning to Bachelor in Paradise, and we also reveal details of the contracts signed.

NOW 100.5–14 hours ago

Bruno Mars Releases Grammys Rehearsal Video As Tribute To Prince [VIDEO]

Bruno Mars dropped a behind-the-scenes rehearsal video from The Grammys ahead of the 33rd anniversary of Prince’s “Purple Rain” release.

NOW 100.5–15 hours ago

Stephen Hawking Says The World Is Under Threat, We Need To Leave

Stephen Hawking, one of the most brilliant minds on earth today, says that the Earth is under threat, and humans need to leave to survive.

NOW 100.5–16 hours ago

Teens Now Prefer Summer Studying Over Summer Jobs

More teens these days aren’t getting summer jobs, but it’s not because they’re being lazy, most of the time.

NOW 100.5–18 hours ago

Dad Gets Waxed Before Allowing Daughter To Try

She wanted to get her legs waxed for prom, but her dad wouldn’t let her until he had it done first.

NOW 100.5–18 hours ago

Return To Paradise – Who Is Returning To The Bachelor In Paradise Cast

Much of the original cast has been called back to the set of “Bachelor in Paradise” to continue filming after lawyers call “all clear.”

NOW 100.5–06/22/2017

Corinne Olympios From Bachelor In Paradise Has A Boyfriend?

So it turns out that throughout all the “Bachelor in Paradise” drama, Corinne Olympios has had a boyfriend back home the whole time.

NOW 100.5–06/22/2017

Rihanna Gives Heartbroken Fan Sweet Breakup Advice

“You will find love again, and it will be even more beautiful! In the meantime enjoy all that YOU are!!!!”

NOW 100.5–06/22/2017

Harry Styles Back On Market After Food Blogger Girlfriend Breakup

Harry Styles and his rumored-confirmed-girlfriend-now-ex have broken up after just a couple months, and she’s back with her ex!

NOW 100.5–06/22/2017

NASCAR Haulers Through Downtown Today, Roads Blocked

Good news for Sacramento NASCAR fans, it’s the seventh annual NASCAR Hauler Parade, and it’s happening downtown around noon today.

NOW 100.5–06/22/2017

George Clooney Sells Tequila Company, Becomes Billionaire

Did you know that not only did George Clooney own a tequila company, he just sold it for $1 billion?

NOW 100.5–06/22/2017

Niall Horan Can’t Rule Out Collaborations with One Direction Bandmates

“Fingers crossed I can get to play some stuff to people and see what happens,” he said. “The whole idea of a collaboration, it’s great.

NOW 100.5–06/22/2017

More Broken Records For Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber no doubt is massively successful this year, he’s already broken several records, and we’re sure there will be more.

NOW 100.5–06/21/2017

Johnny Depp Knew About His Finances Long Before The Drama

Johnny Depp is in a legal battle with his managers, claiming they mishandled his money, but some new details point blame back to Johnny.

NOW 100.5–06/21/2017

The Autistic Twelve Year Old’s Pug Birthday Party Was A Success

Northern California boy Hayden is autistic, loves pugs, and he got to have pug-themed birthday party, and the turnout was overwhelming.

NOW 100.5–06/21/2017

Kim Kardashian Talks About Patching Relationship With Caitlyn Jenner

Kim Kardashian admits she and Caitlyn Jenner haven’t had the best relationship since the transition, but says she’s trying to patch the relationship.

NOW 100.5–06/21/2017

New Body Area Tattoo Trend – Armpits [PICS]

People are covering the skin under their arms with tattoos now, and it just looks painful, but some of the ink looks really nice.

NOW 100.5–06/20/2017

The Coca-Cola Beauty Trend That Sounds Weird Is Dangerous

People have discovered a new use for Coca-Cola as a beauty accessory, and while it works as intended, it actually causes more damage than good.

NOW 100.5–06/20/2017

Leonardo DiCaprio Involved In Embezzlement Investigation

Leonardo DiCaprio is involved with a police investigation of an embezzlement scheme worth about $4.5 billion.

NOW 100.5–06/20/2017

Adults Going To Water Parks Without Kids – Is It Weird?

As an adult, would you be weirded out to see a lone adult enjoying a water park without children/family, or is that perfectly acceptable?

NOW 100.5–06/20/2017

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